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2000 Years Of Magic History In My Head – Chapter 105: The Incompetence (5) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 105-The Incompetence (5)

Kwak Do-yeol could not accept the defeat of Chun Mu-baek. He had expected Kang Min-hyuk to challenge the Changcheon Checkpoint, prepared everything, and put Cheon Mu-baek, the Checkpoint’s best warrior, as the signboard’s protector. It was perfect. He thought there was no possibility of losing to Kang Min-hyuk, but there was Chun Mu-baek, bent double and gasping on the floor.

‘I lost, Thousand Mu-baek?’

Kwak Do-yeol felt that the sky was crumbling around him. How could that happen? Was Cheon Mu-baek caught off guard? No…the only conclusion was that Kang Min-hyuk was the better fighter. His strategy was outstanding.

Cheon Mu-baek tried to penetrate Kang Min-hyuk’s illusion, but the traps installed layer by layer seemed to predict every move Mu-baek made. Maybe it was possible because Kang Min-hyuk was a reinforced warrior before he was a wizard; he knew their mentality. Following an exchange with the Changcheon Checkpoint, he was well aware of their secrets – he didn’t panic under any circumstance. Especially last.

“He is a wizard who is not afraid of swords.”

The tip of the blade shows no mercy. Instead of retreating, Kang Min-hyuk boldly chose to move forward and tore down Thousand Mu-baek’s territory. He didn’t tremble even as the blade passed right under his nose, trimming an inch off his hair. Kang Min-hyuk watched Chun Mu-baek’s movements to the end, staying calm throughout. He countered the attack with magic so powerful that even Chun Mu-baek couldn’t withstand it. His strength was exemplary, but his flesh was charred, and he was in a lot of pain.

Voices rose in a solid hum.

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